Welcome, I’m Hayley the Counsellor.

As a counsellor I work to empower people, to restore health and happiness, to teach coping skills, to improve relationships, and to manage stress.

Working with adults, adolescents, couples and families. With an eclectic training background, I will be able to adjust my approach, depending on your needs.

As a Counsellor, I have been fortunate to work at inpatient specialised care addiction treatment facilities. Where patients primarily received treatment for process and chemical addiction, including support for trauma, personality disorders, anxiety, burn out and depression.

In 2017 I moved into private practice in Hermanus.
I offer face to face and Skype sessions.

Languages: English and Afrikaans.

I can assist you with

Individual wellness and wellbeing i.e the quality of your day to day life. Wellbeing is the status of our existence as human beings and includes emotions, thoughts, environment, relationships, work fulfilment, stress management, sleep and all other things that contribute to health and happiness.

Crisis, trauma, grief, burn out, triggers for substance abuse and anxiety. I have completed the advanced Eye Movement Integration (EMI) training a short term therapy that is very effective when working with these conditions.

Chemical Addictions – drugs and alcohol
Process Addictions – sex, eating, gambling, exercise and other compulsive, uncontrollable behaviours.

Registered with ASCHP HC2017/190 Holistic Counsellor.

Registered EMI (Eye Movement Integration) practitioner.

Counsellor – Applied Psychology.

Grad Dip Counselling (SACAP).