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Being a Valiant Woman

Are you being valiant at your own expense? Women’s month this year, has the theme of “valiant women of the vote”. Quiet ironic I think, as the meaning of these words, are so often misunderstood by woman.   Women try to be valiant or courageous by taking it all on, never saying, “I can’t do it”. Putting everyone before themselves, caring for their family, their…

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Do you want to be less stressed and have better relationships?

Understanding the “WE” that makes my ‘I” There is the saying which goes, “you can choose your friends but not your family”. Interesting is that this same saying applies to your “internal family”. So what exactly do I referring to, when I talk about your internal family? Your internal family, is the different parts of yourself. For example I’m sure there are times in your…

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