Are you being valiant at your own expense?

Women’s month this year, has the theme of “valiant women of the vote”. Quiet ironic i think, as the meaning of these words, are so often misunderstood by woman.  
Women try to be valiant or courageous by taking it all on, never saying, “I can’t do it”. Putting everyone before themselves, caring for their family, their friends and peers needs, before their own. Never showing fatigue, pain or sorrow and “bravely going were no man has ever gone before”. So does this make you valiant?
NO I think this leaves you – Fearful, Unhappy, Cranky, Knackered, Edgy and Disrespected.  
So to be valiant we need to be courageous and to be courageous we need to act even when in fear. Thus the key to becoming a valiant woman is to embrace and recognise your fear. Without knowing and allowing your feelings, especially the fearful and more tender ones, you can never be courageous. 
Mothers, the message you send to your children, when you never show fear, sadness or disappointment, is that these emotions are not allowed. Thus depriving them of being valiant within their own lives. You may never allow your partner to take the roll of carer, and feel the satisfaction of that roll. You may control friendships, by always being the one with all the answers and solving all the problems. 
So why not try and be a truly “valiant woman” this month and vote for yourself. 

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